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Increase image size after creation

This would allow for images to be used even if needed storage exceeds the original planned maximum amount
12 months ago in Orka 0 Shipped

Disable SIP

Users would like to disable SIP so they can run tests for security software.
about 1 year ago in Orka 0 Future consideration

Administrator Role

Orka currently does not have an "Administrator" role. It has administrator license keys which allows users to conduct administrative commands.Administrators would require features like:Being able to see all VMs currently running in an environmentA...
about 1 year ago in Orka 1 Future consideration

Shared Attach Disk

Allow Orka VMs to access a Shared Storage as an Attach Disk function, like NFS. This allows multiple orka VMs to read/write to the same disk.The first iteration of this may include the capability to remove the attach disk and attach it to another ...
about 1 year ago in Orka / Features/Functionality: Update to Existing 1 Planned

Nested VM

Allow users to create a docker container inside of a Orka VM
about 1 year ago in Orka / Features/Functionality: New 0 Shipped

Storage (NFS) Export to import data (images, code cache, script) into Orka

Allows user to easily import their raw image from VMWare directly into their orka cluster using the Orka CLI. Currently, this is a very slow file transfer that can be disrupted by connectivity issues.A good way to enable this feature is to add it ...
about 1 year ago in Orka / Usability 0 Planned

Memory choice for VM

Allow customers to designate how memory to allocate to a given vm
about 1 year ago in Orka / Features/Functionality: New 0 Planned

Bazel Integration

How might we integrate Bazel such that we can cache our builds, and thereby reduce build times significantly
about 1 year ago in Orka 2 Planned

Geo Redundancy (Masters/Storage)

How Might We allow a Orka cluster to bridge two separate physical locations, enabling redundancy & resilience of our Orka clusters.
about 1 year ago in Orka 0 Future consideration

Orka performance monitoring

How Might We allow customers to monitor the performance of their nodes and understand where there may be performance bottlenecks to resolve?CPU, IO, RAM, Storage usageIO WaitStorage MetricsAt a node & pod/VM level
over 1 year ago in Orka 0 Planned