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See product updates in CLI

When users log in to the CLI, they may want to see that there is a new product update (e.g. there is a new version of Orka they can upgrade to)
over 1 year ago in Orka / UI / Webpage 1 Will not implement

Disable SIP

Users would like to disable SIP so they can run tests for security software.
over 1 year ago in Orka 0 Future consideration

Show me an inventory of my account in Portal

As a user, I want to see a basic inventory of my machines from within my portal. As it exists today, there is no inventory and customers are left to figure it out for themselves.
over 1 year ago in Customer Portal + Website 0

Checkout to billing master

If I have a billing master and I add a new subscription machine from my portal, that machine should automatically get added to my billing master subscription.
over 1 year ago in Customer Portal + Website 0

Require MFA for child account users as a parent account admin

As admin of the parent account, I should be able to enable MFA for users in the child accounts underneath my parent account.
over 1 year ago in Customer Portal + Website 0

smarter provisioning

We would like to be able to add a subscription directly from the portal. Right now when I try, it re-directs me to the marketing website.
over 1 year ago in Customer Portal + Website 3

Memory choice for VM

Allow customers to designate how memory to allocate to a given vm
over 1 year ago in Orka / Features/Functionality: New 0 Planned

Push to Grow

How Might We allow customers to conveniently increase their node count?Allow administrators to add specific nodes to their cluster through a web UI portal. Also expose pricing options for certain configurations.
over 1 year ago in Orka 0 Future consideration

BYO Image

Customers would like to bring their own images, so that they do not have to rely on MacStadium to push non-supported images to their environment (e.g. Sierra). They can also run their own custom images.Look into relationship of this feature to bei...
8 months ago in Orka 0 Planned

Storage (NFS) Export to import data (images, code cache, script) into Orka

Allows user to easily import their raw image from VMWare directly into their orka cluster using the Orka CLI. Currently, this is a very slow file transfer that can be disrupted by connectivity issues.A good way to enable this feature is to add it ...
over 1 year ago in Orka / Usability 0 Planned