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BYO Image

Customers would like to bring their own images, so that they do not have to rely on MacStadium to push non-supported images to their environment (e.g. Sierra). They can also run their own custom images.Look into relationship of this feature to bei...
7 months ago in Orka 0 Planned

Storage (NFS) Export to import data (images, code cache, script) into Orka

Allows user to easily import their raw image from VMWare directly into their orka cluster using the Orka CLI. Currently, this is a very slow file transfer that can be disrupted by connectivity issues.A good way to enable this feature is to add it ...
over 1 year ago in Orka / Usability 0 Planned

SAML integration with Orka

Add the option to put SAML in front of the Orka UI
almost 2 years ago in Orka / Features/Functionality: New 2 Planned