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Showing 12 | Download HP Printer Software | HP Smart

Installation Manual for Download HP Printer Software for Envy, Deskjet, Laserjet and Officjet from Troubleshoot HP Drivers now.
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HP Wireless Printer Setup

123.hp/setup 100% Successful Installation Guide. Fix Driver unavailable Errors. Install Latest Drivers from Setup UK.
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Tickets generated by NMS should have configurable email targets

Tickets for alerts generated by NMS go to a wide distribution of email addresses.I'd like this to be configurable so we can manage the distribution of alerts via one address.

SSO with Okta

Customers have requested the ability to manage Portal auth/login via Okta. Okta lists us on their site here:

Email invoices

I would like to get invoices emailed to a nominated account as this would simplify our finance workflow.

Longer timeout for Portal

Can you give it a longer timeout setting for this support page ? Or even better, pop up some confirmation before log me out?In multiple times it just logged me out without any warning or confirmation when I we...
about 1 year ago in Customer Portal + Website / Customer Portal 0 Awaiting Feedback

Show me an inventory of my account in Portal

As a user, I want to see a basic inventory of my machines from within my portal. As it exists today, there is no inventory and customers are left to figure it out for themselves.
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Reply to tickets from email

As a user, I should have the option to select whether I can reply to support tickets over email or secure login. If a ticket doesn't contain sensitive info (username and passwords), then I should be able to receive the contents of that communicati...
over 1 year ago in Customer Portal + Website 2

Checkout to billing master

If I have a billing master and I add a new subscription machine from my portal, that machine should automatically get added to my billing master subscription.
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Require MFA for child account users as a parent account admin

As admin of the parent account, I should be able to enable MFA for users in the child accounts underneath my parent account.
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