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How To Save Money On Concrete Plant | Atlas Equipments

Concrete Plant can be bought from a ready mix concrete supplier, but if we look at the long term, it is beneficial to invest in a good concrete plants. If you require a lot of concrete and your concrete mix supplier is far away then the option of ...

Broom with Water Sprinkling System - Atlas Industries

Atlas Industries is a provider of the broom with a water sprinkling system that is preferred by a lot of road contractors for its ease of operation. Atlas Mechanical Brooms have a sweeping width of 2.5 meters. These road sweepers are equipped with...

Terraform provider for Orka

User would like to have an Orka terraform provider so that they can do the work on their end to:Provision API keys and Provide Keys inside pipeline
15 days ago in Orka / Automation 0

Individual Delete on VM Scale

I would like to be able to delete or deploy new individual Virtual Machines that are deployed through VM Scale
about 2 months ago in Orka / Usability 0

Customer Notification when a new offering(ISO, OS, Tools) is added to our datastore

SPECIALIST COMPUTER CENTRES, S.L. has requested a "mechanism to track the upgrades for the images you release in the ISO Volume (Like OS, VMware tools iso's etc)". When asked for clarification of expectation, the customer responded, "We would like...
2 months ago in VMWare / Features/Functionality 0

BYO Image

Customers would like to bring their own images, so that they do not have to rely on MacStadium to push non-supported images to their environment (e.g. Sierra). They can also run their own custom images.Look into relationship of this feature to bei...
2 months ago in Orka 0 Planned

Tickets generated by NMS should have configurable email targets

Tickets for alerts generated by NMS go to a wide distribution of email addresses.I'd like this to be configurable so we can manage the distribution of alerts via one address.

Networking Node Isolation

I would like to control what hosts are discoverable/accessible to other hosts, as well as control what hosts can access the Orka control plane. Also additional firewalling is desired to separate individual hosts from each other.
3 months ago in Orka / Features/Functionality: New 1 Planned

Increase image and vm character limit

I would like to have longer image and vm name limits so that I can have more meaningful names containing the versions of MacOS, Xcode, etc. This helps me pick the appropriate image/vm.
3 months ago in Orka 0 Shipped

Image Disaster Recovery

I would like the ability to back up images somehow (locally or on the cloud) in case of hardware failure. This can utilize some standard tool like Artifactory which has a rich image management toolset.
4 months ago in Orka / Features/Functionality: New 0 Planned