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Created on Mar 12, 2020

Reply to tickets from email

As a user, I should have the option to select whether I can reply to support tickets over email or secure login.

If a ticket doesn't contain sensitive info (username and passwords), then I should be able to receive the contents of that communication over email and reply right from email.

As it currently stands, users must log into the portal to reply to support tickets because MacStadium assumes that all ticket contents contain sensitive info.

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    Jun 24, 2020
    Another thing I'd suggest would be to include the actual message in the email notification sent by the MacStadium Portal support system (unless the Contains Sensitive Information checkbox is selected). Currently, the email notification just says "An update has been made to your Support Ticket" whenever someone comments on a ticket—which then requires me to log in to the MacStadium Portal (where I've most likely been logged out due to inactivity) to read the message. This makes it more likely for me to miss important updates from your team. Most support systems I've had to use work primarily via email.

    Another customer asking for the ability to reply to/from support messages via email.

    I had a support experience over the weekend with Robinhood (a popular stock trading app). Robinhood support emailed back and forth with me. I never had to enter a portal to reply. However, when they needed to share sensitive info w/ me, they used to require me to MFA login into a separate portal.

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    May 21, 2020

    In the past we had the option to mark individual ticket notes sensitive so they would not appear in the emails. When we began to meet security complicance standards, it was decided that nothing could be sent via email. With Jira Service Desk now controlling ticket notification, this might not even be an option as I don't think it supports marking individual notes sensitive.