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Casino game

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8 days ago in Customer Portal + Website 0

My.Avast.Com - How to log in to Avast Account?

To avail the benefits of Avast, you must log in to your Avast Account. For Avast Login, you have to visit In this blog, we have given the step-wise procedure to log in to an Avast Account. Along with this, we have also given the proc...
9 days ago in Customer Portal + Website / Website 0


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GitHub Actions Ephemeral Runners

GitHub Actions integration for booting/shutting down Orka VMs from there and/or managing them as ephemeral self-hosted runners
28 days ago in Orka 0

Lifetime / Timeout for VMs

It would be great to be able to configure templates to have a timeout. Our CI sometimes has problems in which it will fail to delete a VM after the job is finished, and it leaves the VM taking up resources. It would be great if we could define an ...
about 1 month ago in Orka / Automation 0

Global VM Configs

It would be nice if VM configs could be shared between users and not locked into use by the user that created it. Several members of our team are working on setting up a GitHub Actions integration and would like to be able to have every member be ...

Support labels/externally accessible metadata on VM instances

It would be great to be able to deploy a VM instance and set certain labels/additional metadata to aid in automation, auditability and discoverability of deployed VMs.Some example use cases:Automation: Setting and reading an "expiry" label on a VM...
3 months ago in Orka / Features/Functionality: New 0

Terraform provider for Orka

User would like to have an Orka terraform provider so that they can do the work on their end to:Provision API keys and Provide Keys inside pipeline
3 months ago in Orka / Automation 0

Individual Delete on VM Scale

I would like to be able to delete or deploy new individual Virtual Machines that are deployed through VM Scale
4 months ago in Orka / Usability 0

Customer Notification when a new offering(ISO, OS, Tools) is added to our datastore

SPECIALIST COMPUTER CENTRES, S.L. has requested a "mechanism to track the upgrades for the images you release in the ISO Volume (Like OS, VMware tools iso's etc)". When asked for clarification of expectation, the customer responded, "We would like...
5 months ago in VMWare / Features/Functionality 0